Early spring walk- carriage road to old Breakneck Road

= March 20 2010

This Blog is written to share what life in Bar Harbor is all about. Perhaps it will help you decide on activities and events for your vacation. I’ll try for a weekly update.

Yesterday was a very rare day – possibly a record-breaking day for temperature. I think all of New England shared this gift of summer weather for a day. I went with Lynda to walk the carriage road from Eagle Lake – back to the junction of the Witch Hole Pond Loop. It is a serene walk mostly level – following the shoreline of one of the Breakneck Ponds. The road edges were carpeted with the evergreen leaves of the Mayflower and more wintergreen than I have seen elsewhere. The plants looked very healthy – and I know the lovely fragrant blossoms of the Mayflower will be out in April! The mountains behind the pond, probably Young and Brewer, helped us to feel like we were truly in the wilderness. We found evidence of trails leading away from the road and in most cases we discovered thick patches of wild blueberry plants. Think August!
We decided to cut across the end of the pond to find an old abandoned road that we knew of. That bushwacking turned into an adventure. The beavers have been active there and we had to cross two beaver dams to reach the very washed out road bed. If you haven’t walked on a beaver dam, you’ve missed a great opportunity to trust a small four footed mammal who can build a structure of sticks, leaves, mud and branches that looks very unnerving-(when the option is slipping down, through or sideways into ice-cold running water), but turns out to be an unsteady but exhilarating experience in balance. I found a stout walking stick to help and used Lynda’s offer of an outstretched hand more than once.
Once we came on the remains of the old roadbed, we continued to a large ledge area where we rested and let the dogs explore all the forest smells – balsam fir, rock lichens, sweet fern, wintergreen and other plants. The warm sun brought out the aromas – which can’t be duplicated in a town. Continuing on, we came back to the Eagle Lake Road, Rte 233 and walked along the edge for about 200 yards to get back to our car.
I am so lucky to live here in Bar Harbor and to be able to experience this land just a five minute drive from the Inn.
Shops and Hotels are beginning to open. Galyn’s Restaurant is now open and Leary’s Irish Pub has had an open house in its new home across from the Village Green – on Mount Desert Street. We’ve had a steady stream of visitors in the Suite building (which is open all winter at ½ price – with no food or maid service). During this mild spring, I think I’ll be able to plant my peas before April 1st. The old time residents always did this so they could have green peas and salmon for the Fourth of July. In the past 10 years, I’ve managed to plant by April 1st only once before.   Marian


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