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April 6, 2010

April 5, 2010

Nother couple of weeks of mostly  beautiful weather.  The heavy rains were welcomed by Mira Monte Inn gardens and lawns. The little blue scillas in the kitchen garden are a  welcome sight – they carpet the ground and have spread into the “violet” lawn.  They seem to like being cozy with grass. I remember that where I lived in Yarmouth some years back, the hillside lawn acros the street was completely blue. Evidently, they don’t mind being mowed later on.  It’s the same with the violets that bloom here  in late May.  I’ve tried moving them out of the lawn and into the gardens on either side – but they are in charge of where they’ll grow – thank you. It’s the lawn!  See the picture of one honeymoon couple having breakfast among the violets (on the breakfast page).  I  keep the mowing away until they have finished their show – and then they get mowed like the grass all summer.   In mid-summer,  I have edible mushrooms (blewits)  growning under the oak tree in front. and I get to eat a couple of side dishes . This area has gone to moss and ferns. I welcome the moss because it stays green all the summer and doesn’t need to be mowed!.  Purists are horrified when I tell them I have a moss lawn in many areas. But since I mix and match my dishes in the dining room (I beat Martha Stewart to this one), I might as well have mix and match plants in the lawn!.  The crocues and fosythia are also blooming. We’re planting peas as soon as the manure truck arrives.  My Four Seasons solar porch is providing parsley, thyme, rosemary, celery and mint . All winter I’ve had these treats. I turned on an oil based heater on a few nights when the temperature went down to 8 degrees and the wind blew hard, but otherwise, this a gift of the winter sun!.   

My daughter, Lynda, and I are still exploring the Breakfneck trails and nearby mountains, Brewer and Youngs.   She and her husband found a way up Brewer (by way of old cairns) on Easter morning. She came back  and said “I’ve climbed the mountain and seen the light!”  The sun rose over Cadillace while they were there – a great treat.  Galyn’s is  open as is Jordan’s breakfast place on Cottage Street.  We ate a Galyn’s last week – the crab cakes are delicious!.  Marian