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Maple Syrup Sunday

March 27, 2011

The sun is out today, but you could say “It’s a nice day for January!) The temps should be 46, but its 27 and very windy. However, I’m going with my daughter to Maple Syrup Sunday – a big Maine event on the frarms that make maple syrup. They give you hot syrup on the snow and have other fun things to do. I’ll share with you on the next blog. Marian


March is Not SPRING Spring

March 23, 2011

We had the WORST winter – tons of snow-very rare for Mt Desert Island. We had about 30 incheson the ground and icey paths everywhere. Then in two rain sotrms and a couple of high wind storms it all just disappeared – came up to 60 one day and we thoguth it was Spring.No such luck – it snowed yesterday – just a couple of inches, but it’s NOT spring.  However, I wrote a poem a few years ago that I’ll post now.

Invisible Spring




Spring slipped past the weary watchers –


Wrapped within that gray March fog;


Formless, silent, ghostly


Hiding in dreary damp skies,

Rotting snows, sticky muds.

Baring ugly scars of winter: brown grass, broken branches;


Spring slipped in that day and planted well its pregnant seed

Of  hope. .


Marian Burns   1988

So I do have HOPE>  Marian