Maple Syrup Sunday

The sun is out today, but you could say “It’s a nice day for January!) The temps should be 46, but its 27 and very windy. However, I’m going with my daughter to Maple Syrup Sunday – a big Maine event on the frarms that make maple syrup. They give you hot syrup on the snow and have other fun things to do. I’ll share with you on the next blog. Marian


2 Responses to “Maple Syrup Sunday”

  1. Irene Sampson Says:

    Hi Marian,
    This is a voice from the past. I have a couple of friends going to Bar Harbor for a crafts? fair.Laurie does sweatshirts with bling and Grace does the sewing/altering for them. I reminisced with Grace about our opening/closing weekends and treks thru the park.
    Do you stay in touch with Judy? I’ve lost contact because of downsizing, hospital stays, etc. Sold my house to my oldest daughter who is busy turning the front into an ‘arboretum’ and flower garden. Ive retired to Barrington, Nh.
    Hope all is well with you and family.

    • Marian Burns Says:

      Irene, How nice to hear from you. I’m a blog beginner and did answer this earlier, but I think you didn’t get it. My grandsons, Greg, is here tutoring me about this stuff. Judy has a house overlooking Little Sebago in Gray, She is going with a great guy, Fred Ruskin. She also lives in Hagerstown, Md. in the winter since she is a professor at the college there. I’m still inn-keeping as you can see. I’d love to meet your friends, My cell phone is 207 460 4263. Call me and I’ll give you Judy’s cell phone number. Marian

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